Durag Emission Monitoring




The Durag Group is a worldwide supplier and developer of measurement and control technology. One area of application is environmental monitoring of emissions.

Durag products are installed in combustion applications worldwide and use throughout the power generation and process industries, for example, fossil fuel power plants, waste incinerators, refineries, chemical plants, steel plants and filtering systems

Our Products In Environmental Monitoring:

Measurement of dust concentration

  • Optical transmission dust monitors for large dust concentrations
  • Optical reflection dust concentration monitors for small to medium concentrations and soot

Dust measurement in wet exhaust gas

  • Extractive reflection dust concentration monitors
  • Extractive beta dust concentration monitors with heavy metal analysis

Measurement of mercury concentration

  • Extractive mercury monitor with dry-catalytic reduction

Measurement of volume flow

  • Differential pressure indicators for volume flows from 3 m/s
  • Ultrasonic measuring devices for wet and aggressive exhaust gases

Filter monitoring

  • Optical transmission devices
  • Tribo-electrical filter monitors

Acquisition of environmental and process data

  • Measured data acquisition in accordance with German or European guidelines
  • CDM project management in accordance with UNFCCC
  • Drift acquisition in accordance with EN 14181 QAL3
  • Data transfer to the Internet or to German authorities

Tunnel monitoring for fan control

  • Flow measurement with ultrasound measuring devices
  • Visibility measurement with transmission measuring devices
  • Gas concentration measurement

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