Advanced Instruments Inc.


Advanced Instruments Inc. (a separate business unit of Analytical Industries Inc.) was set up in 1997 to market analyzers and replacements for Teledyne, MSA, Figaro and various safety sensors exclusively to the industrial market. The principals of Analytical Industries Inc. have accumulated 80 years of experience in the field of oxygen analysis honed on a myriad of industrial, personnel safety, environmental and medical applications.

Advanced Instruments Inc. is continuously expanding its product line in response to the demand for cost effective oxygen analysis solutions. In addition to the analyzers developed around the Pico-Ion and oxygen purity sensors, a complete range of general purpose and explosion proof DC powered transmitters are also available.

Its analyzers are generally equipped with complete sample systems, however, custom sample systems and OEM analyzers (without sample systems) are also readily available. An optional proprietary temperature control system and longer-lasting sensors enhance the performance of galvanic fuel cell based analyzers.

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